We are Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR), a high-end automotive design and technology startup committed to crafting an exclusive number of hand-built electric and hybrid-electric hypercars. 

The sum of our years of R&D in high-performance electric powertrains, cutting-edge prototyping processes, and energy storage systems culminates in the world's premier next-generation electric hypercar, the Tachyon Speed.

The Tachyon speed


Work on the RAESR (pronounced "racer") Tachyon Speed began in Southern California in the summer of 2012 with a mission of bringing a meticulously designed and engineered next-generation electric hypercar into reality.

After assembling an elite team of engineers, designers, consultants and craftsmen, RAESR was prepared to develop and manufacture a new class of automobile that presents a driving experience unparalleled in both conventional electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) formats.

Limited reservations are currently underway. Order inquiries may be placed by clicking the contact button at the bottom of this page.

What we offer

next-generation ev powertrains + batteries + DESIGN/prototyping

Our cars are born from a modular design philosophy that facilitates customization at a very precise level, and enables the creation of new platforms based on our advanced EV systems.

Powertrains and batteries inspired by the RAESR Tachyon Speed are available by reservation.  We also provide design and prototyping services upon request.